Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Slouched on Susie's sofa,
Flipping through endless cable channels...
"Come over any time!  Make yourself at home!"
But Susie is downtown, saving babies at the PICU,
And this does not feel like home.

The TV flashes in the dark room
Like a lonely disco ball over an empty dance floor.

There's a party next door.

I wasn't invited.
Still, I wish I'd thought to grab my purse,
My keys,
My half-finished library book.
Susie's microwave blinks blue eyes -3:17.

If I were brave, I'd crash this party.
I'm not brave.
Just lonely.

Flip, flip, flip,...

I could call up the building super.
He's probably in bed asleep.
I wish I was asleep in my bed,
Next door.

But there's a party going on,
And I wasn't invited.