Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why. . . ?

My fourth-grader paused in her schoolwork, wrinkled her brow, and asked, "But why do I have to study grammar? I already know how to read and write." Several answers came quickly to my mind - she needed to study grammar simply because it was part of her language curriculum, or to improve her language skills, or to increase the likelihood of a good score on her achievement tests. But none of these answers seemed adequate. Hmmmm, I thought, why DO we need to study grammar, or anything else, for that matter? God graciously allowed me to give my beautiful, brown-eyed daughter an answer that spoke to the heart of the matter. "God speaks to us through His written word, and the more we understand about language - and how it works - the more we'll be able to glean from the words He has given us. Grammar, math, science, . . . these all have something to tell us about God."

The above incident came to mind as I've been preparing for an upcoming women's Bible study. The Introductory Lesson lays God's covenant purposes and faithfulness as the foundation for the rest of the study. All of scripture - not just the New Testament, or a particular favorite verse, or a passage dripping with practical guidance - tells us something about God, about our fallenness as humans, about God's amazing provision for us through Christ. God's covenant promises and faithfulness extend from before "In the beginning...," on into eternity future. If I fail to consider this huge, over-arching theme as I approach any passage of scripture, I will miss so much of the depth and richness it offers. I may come away from my study with a tasty crumb, but I will have missed the glory of the whole pie!

Saturday afternoon, I baked a chocolate chess pie. Grammy's recipe, of course - easy, delicious, fail-proof. As the pie was baking in the oven, I noticed the two eggs intended for the filling, sitting on the kitchen counter. Oh, no! I groaned. Maybe the pie will turn out okay anyway...isn't this how fabulous new recipes are discovered? Some time later, Steve and I ventured to taste-test the dark, dense result. It was chocolatey, very chocolatey. It was rich. It was creamy smooth and sweet. It was a disasater! Without the eggs to unify and bind everything together, all the other ingredients - chocolatey chocolate, sugary sugar, buttery butter - lacked cohesion and failed to meld into a satisfying whole. I've posted Grammy's recipe - try it, with the eggs, and you're in for a decadent treat. Study God's word this week - remember His covenant promises as you consider each verse, and you'll be amazed at the glorious beauty of this story of our sovereign, gracious God. Study your grammar - or fold the laundry, work the night shift, finish that report, whatever you do - and keep your eyes open for what this life has to teach you about God, about yourself, and about Christ's work on behalf on His children.


Jill said...

I love how the Lord gave you timely words of wisdom for your daughter. It shows me that He is always teaching all of us as His children.
Thanks for posting a picture of Little John. What a handsome boy!

Ashley said...

I've tremendously enjoyed your first post! The words of this blog have turned my heart toward the Master today. I hope there are many to follow.