Saturday, November 28, 2009


The Thanksgiving holidays have raced past much too quickly, and I don't think anyone in my house is ready to start back to school on Monday. We put the books away for an entire week and devoted ourselves to family fellowship, fun, and consuming lots of food. The boys enjoyed deer hunting, shooting skeet, tossing the football around, and horseback riding. And the girls? We FINALLY made hoop skirts for a country dance. Yay!!!!

Here are my two young beauties wearing the new additions to their wardrobes. They strolled leisurely about the yard in their long skirts, enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures as they chatted and laughed. They practiced walking and sitting while maneuvering hoops. They took turns perching carefully on the piano bench to practice their recital pieces. And of course, they danced - long, bell-shaped skirts are irresistible for swishing, swooping, and twirling!

Martha pushed furniture out of the way, put on a CD of Irish whistle music, and led Helen in a merry do-si-do.

Happy feet, happy hearts, happy times!

(On a different note, we had the opportunity to see pieces of some football games on TV over the Thanksgiving weekend, while visiting with family. The television cameras zoomed in on some of the cheerleaders at one point, and the question was asked, "Why are their cheerleaders wearing clothes?" One of kids replied, "Oh, that's a college team. It's only the professional teams' cheerleaders that don't wear clothes." This mother is SO VERY GRATEFUL that her girls would rather play "ladies" than pretend to be Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. I hope they always aspire to be pretty girls, instead of Shake-'Em-Loose Sallys!)

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Anonymous said...

My girls love the skirts, and are already making plans. I've been asked (begged) to sew them skirts and hoop slips(?) and peasant shirts, all for standard wear (which may mean I sew many more afterward as for each set I have to sew for 5 girls). Thank you for your post and inspiration you brought us.