Thursday, March 24, 2011


Wednesday was a good day. No off-site classes or errands to run out in town. No sweet baby to tend - Mommy is on spring break this week. No looming projects to complete. Just home and school. Amazing what we can accomplish in a day when we JUST STAY HOME. We finished schoolwork early enough that I even had time for a visit with Grammy before I had to start supper. With a month of such days, we could easily be finished with this year's school work by the end of April. Sigh. Wishful thinking!

Today will be different. Class at UTM and an appointment in Union City this morning, piano lessons this afternoon, a little grocery shopping tucked in there somewhere, Zumba and coffee date tonight. Preparations for this weekend's women's retreat - woohoo! And, since I'll be out of pocket Friday and Saturday, preparations for leaving the house on auto-pilot while I'm gone. Doesn't look like we'll make quite as much progress in the math and science books today as yesterday. Well, there's always next week...

Which leads me to a totally unrelated topic. Last night, Helen was STARVING, but couldn't find a satisfactory bed-time snack. Actually, as I pointed out, she was not starving...she was hungry. To be more specific, Helen is growing. Like a rocket. Already left "big sister" behind on the growth charts. Anyway, back to bedtime snacks. We have some Go-To late night snacks at our house, including, but not limited to.....

Toast - cinnamon toast, toast with jam, plain buttered toast, peanut-butter toast
Cereal - personally, I prefer Cheerios with bananas, or Raisin Bran
Ice Cream - not my favorite, but the kids easily go through a gallon a week
Cheese - cheese and apples, cheese and crackers, just plain cheese
Marshmallows - only in winter, when there's a fire in the fireplace!

What about your family? What are some of your favorite bedtime snacks? We could use a few new ideas at our house!

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