Monday, October 31, 2011


When the Community Concert Association published the list of concerts for the 2011-2012 season, I was amazed to read that Chanticleer was one of the groups coming to Union City. I accidentally discovered this vocal group about 12 years ago, driving down Covington Pike one dark winter night. Actually pulled over and turned off the car's engine so that I could better hear every single note. The following day, I began a search for my first Chanticleer CD. I don't listen much to music, people - I am already auditorially overstimulated. And I never buy CD's. So let's just say, I really like this group.

Reading through the announcement in our local paper, I progressed emotionally from disbelief to excitement, to the pragmatic realization that - however awesome it was that Chanticleer would be singing in my nothing little corner of the world - well, there was no way we could afford the tickets anyway. Still, I saved the newspaper article, taped it to my kitchen cabinet, reluctant to quash the hope that maybe...

Seems we always have some kind of a fund-raiser going on in the break room at Wal-Mart. Spaghetti supper on Thursday - $3.00 a plate - all proceeds donated to Walk-of-Hope. That kind of thing. Last month (September), we had a silent auction. People donated everything from MP3 players to a collectible model of Sam Walton's pick-up truck to...What's this? Tickets? Tickets to....Chanticleer?!

I couldn't believe my eyes. And no one - NO ONE - was bidding on them. Obviously, folks around here don't know a good thing when they see it! Long story short, at the end of the week I laid one ten-dollar bill on Mrs. Paula's desk, and she handed me 6 tickets to Chanticleer and 6 tickets to hear the Carpe Diem string quartet. No, not the $60 a ticket you'd pay to hear these guys sing in New York. Six tickets plus six tickets: ten dollars. Do the math and you'll understand why I felt like God had just handed me a birthday present.

Now, if only I could be so blessed as to not be scheduled to work at Wal-Mart the evening of October 29th. Lord, do you think maybe....? Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Fast forward a couple of weeks from the day I walked joyfully out of Wal-Mart with 12 tickets tucked miraculously in my purse. It was time to hammer out details for the annual Reformation Party hosted here at Kendallville. Usually, we have the party in lieu of Wednesday night service, last Wednesday of the month of October. This year, Saturday seemed like a better day - we could start earlier, which would allow us more daylight. More folks would probably feel free to come...wouldn't have to worry about leaving work early or about being out on a school night. Yep, Saturday definitely seemed like the better choice. But which Saturday?

Well, you guessed it. After multiple phone calls back and forth between the various parties involved in this shin-dig, the party was set for Saturday, October 29th. I spent the next week and a half doing mental gymnastics, trying to figure out how I could play hostess for a hundred people at my house AND go to the concert. Nope, didn't seem to be any way to make it work. Finally, counting down the last week to the party, I emailed a young friend who also knew and loved the music of Chanticleer. Would you guys be interested in some free tickets to Saturday's concert?

Thursday, I planned to do my grocery shopping after I got off work. Supplies for Saturday's party, for Sunday's fellowship dinner, for meals for the week ahead. Didn't happen. Friday, school and babysitting all day, work at Wal-Mart 'til 11:00, too tired to grocery shop. I got home to find all of my children still up - glad to see them, yes...but everyone was emotionally strung out, and one child in particular had some painful issues to deal with. One weepy child who needs to talk, one wild child ripping an electric guitar in the background, one child babbling pointlessly because her mouth is the only thing keeping her awake... Ever feel like you live in a zoo, Mom? It was almost 1:00 by the time I crashed into bed.

Saturday - THE Saturday - up early for a 9-hour shift at Wally World. Yes, God had allowed me to have part of the evening off - I'd be clocking out at 6:00!

If you've stuck with me this far, you probably realize that Saturday is going to be a disaster. But you'll have to read tomorrow's post if you want to know the rest of the story.

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