Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A friend recently shared a link to a YouTube video addressing some common misconceptions about homeschooling. One click led to another, and we came across a funny video describing ten ways that boys can get girls to like them. Number Three on Jordan's countdown was: Keep your hands to yourself! As this fellow so graphically expressed it using the analogy of a kid in a candy store: DON'T eat the candy BEFORE you pay for it. It is NOT YOURS.

The candy store analogy was so simple, straight-forward, and easy to relate to...lots of discussion among my guys after watching that particular clip. One of the young men in my house commented, "Not only should you not eat the candy before paying, but DON'T LICK THE CANDY and then put it back on the shelf."

Kind of a gross way of putting it, but definitely communicated his thought effectively. Loved it. Thought I'd share with any of you moms and dads who are having conversations with your young-adult children about appropriate dating behavior.

Any nuggets of "dating wisdom" you'd like to share?

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