Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There are some folks who find it difficult to think of "paradise" and "work" as compatible.  They consider the two mutually exclusive.  But we know that God instituted work before the fall (see Genesis 1:26-31).  The work appointed to man at creation was included under that grand statement, "God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good."  Very good.

For many of us today, "very good" is NOT how we would describe our work experience!  Difficult labor,  stressful relationships with our bosses and co-workers, seemingly little fruit to show for long hours of this side of the fall often feels more like a curse than a good gift from God.  Indeed, this side of the fall, our work has been cursed because of sin.

My son explained once that bees in Central America - because of the long growing season and plentiful sunshine - produce so much honey that it literally flows out of their hives.  An abundance, an overflow, a cascade of sweetness.  These bees do what they were created to do, and do it so well, and in such favorable conditions, that their work is fruitful and very sweet indeed.

Can you imagine loving your job so much, and doing it so well, and in such ideal circumstances, that you just didn't even want to stop?  (Hey, bees, can you imagine a land literally "flowing with milk and honey"?!)  I am confident that in Glory, we will work.  We will do the work that we are appointed very well.  And, at last, we will know what it is for our work to be very good.

In the meantime, work this side of glory may be truly wearisome.  (Can I get an "Amen" from the night cashiers at MegaMart?)  Still, let us see our jobs as opportunities to learn more of Christ and His love for us, to experience and extend grace, and to increase our longing for the day when our work will be a blessing unpolluted by sin.

And on those golden days when our jobs truly are a delight, here and now, let us thank God for the good gift of work and for the assurance of even better work in Glory.  I'm kinda having one of those days today...

First thing this morning, I dressed and headed outside to tend my little flock of chickens.  They are such beautiful birds, and so funny in the morning - they run and flutter about, full of energy and life!  This little peep now has adult feathers, and will soon begin laying eggs.  Very good.  

The new bees are doing fabulously.  I guess they think life is pretty good, nestled among fruit trees on the edge of a hay field.  When I checked the hive this morning, I discovered that my queen has about a ba-jillion new baby bees, already hard at work.  It will soon be time to add more frames.  Very good. 
It's been a busy morning in the kitchen, too.  First, a date with my friend Donna.  Three loaves of sourdough now rising under the window - this afternoon, very good bread, hot from the oven.  As I write, a second canner full of Granny Mattie beans bubbles and hisses on the stove.  The seeds for these beans were passed down from my great-great-grandmother, and they're the best green beans on the planet.  Yes, they're very good.

Yes, I am very thankful for the work that God has allotted me today.  Thankful, and looking forward to the work He has for me in Glory.


troal said...

Thanks! You inspire me! In fact your thoughts on work enlighten my musings on a different aspect of the same subject.

Camille said...

You are such a sweet encourager - I am so glad that I know you. :)