Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I turned 50 one week ago today. Half a century - my, how time flies!

I think the best surprise of the day was when an unexpected visitor stopped by the house to play and sing "Happy Birthday." I was upstairs painting at the time, and was pretty certain the music wasn't coming from Ben or Tom. No, it was my dear friend Jill - whom I hadn't seen in way-too-long - and we enjoyed a nice visit on the porch swing that morning! (Tell Lydia her coffee choice was superb - strong, but smooth. Loving it!)

Caroline brought cupcakes to exercise class. Steve came home with flowers. I received a glitter-bomb card from The Grandbaby. It was a very celebratory day!

One week after the day, I am thinking that the 50's are going to be a great decade. Today, I get to celebrate again and announce:

BETHEL ROAD, my second novel, is now available in Kindle and paperback formats!

Bethel Road tells the story of Kathy Parks, a woman who has spent her adult life bouncing from house to house with her husband Ron and their three children. But now, Kathy feels an overwhelming need to put down roots, to settle into a house that she and her family can call "home" for years to come.

When Kathy takes a wrong turn on a winding country road, she discovers her dream house: a dilapidated but beautiful brick Victorian on Bethel Road. Kathy must first convince Ron that the derelict house is salvageable. Then, she wonders, should she tell him about the ghost in the downstairs bedroom?

In Bethel Road, readers are invited back to rural Tatum County to discover how people and places, the past and the present, hope and disappointment work together to lead one woman along the path to a place she can truly call "home" forever.

Click HERE for Kindle, HERE for paperback, or on the link in the right sidebar to purchase your copy of Bethel Road!

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Jill said...

I so enjoyed our visit, Camille! Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend some of it with me. I treasure your friendship! I am looking forward to your new book! It sounds great!