Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The Tennessee Soybean Festival is going on RIGHT NOW in Martin, Tennessee!

The Soybean Festival kicked off with the TN Soybean 2014 - Guitar as Art contest and exhibition, on display through September 12 at the Exhibit Gallery of the UTM Fine Arts Building.

Twenty-eight participating artists were issued one guitar each and told any themes, narratives, and subject matter could be explored as long as the artists used a 2D media or process to solve the concept. The work submitted is simply amazing, and well worth the drive to Martin to view.

The show was juried by Jack Cody, and after much deliberation, Mr. Cody chose this entry as Best of Show:

"I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each." - Reuben Kendall

From the artist's bio in the exhibition program:

"I believe that art is something essential to our Humanity and a necessary part of our existence and purpose as the Imago Dei, the image of God. Since God is creative in essence and exists eternally in three persons, creativity and the connections of community are parts of our essential nature and nearly direct links between us and the Divine. In the act of creating images, narratives, and unique, meaningful experiences, we build powerful connections to others and more fully reflect the nature of our Creator.

"For this show, I chose to use a lighthearted nautical theme that tells a story with pictures painted in the bold style of vintage sailor tattoos. Symbolism, simple text, and the wear and tear of a hard life blend together with the brightly inked images to give the piece of art a rugged and bittersweet voice and a well-worn charm."

Reuben describes his personal art style as energetic and "rich with the use of color, symbolism, depictions of natural and super-natural forms and forces, and a fluid interplay between the realistic and the surreal. An abundance of mystery, motion, gaiety, and the whimsical is usually present in my art."

To see pictures of more of the fabulous guitars on display during the Soybean Festival, you can check out the Tennessee Soybean Festival FaceBook page, or click HERE. Better yet, make the trip to see these beautiful guitars in person - the creativity, talent, and detail work of these pieces is worth the drive!