Monday, November 9, 2015


I had three different people ask me over the weekend how the book was coming. Was I getting some good writing done?

What book?

What writing?

It's been almost two weeks since I posted here at the blog. Blogging is my candy, the "easy" writing. The blog is also a good barometer of how writing is going in general:  if posts become infrequent, it's because life is crazy busy, or because something else is commanding all my time for a season, or because I've been knocked down emotionally or physically.

So, yep.

Yes, yes, and yes.

When I have a prolonged season of write-less-ness, I get kind of gray and droopy around the edges. I begin to wonder why I even feel compelled to write in the first place - I mean, I know writing helps me make sense of life, but does it serve any bigger purpose, anything beyond Camille-needs-to-process?

Seems when I am particularly droopy, God sends something unexpected, something like... this text from one of my very favorite writers, a woman whose skill at word craft amazes and humbles me, someone who, like me, struggles amidst the business of life to carve out little niches of time to devote to her writing:

"...I was thinking about you and your work writing and how encouraging to know...I don't have to mourn time I simply don't have to spend there [writing]...That if there is something I need to write, the right time will come... That the days and years that I pour into others' needs and calling are part of what [God] is doing in and thru me... It is so encouraging to see, in your writing and other ministry/impact, that your service and sacrifice was part of the building up not only the work of those for whom you sacrificed, but the work of you, particularly, Camille."

And then she added:

"...just write. [God] knows who needs to read it, and why."

She concluded:

"Further up and further in!" (a quote from one of my favorite writers of all time, C. S. Lewis)

Can I just say here at the blog today...


Through them, He makes me feel like I am a favorite child, particularly loved, her Father's jewel.

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Anonymous said...

You are particularly loved, a jewel, and favored. Love you lots.Dad