Saturday, January 2, 2016

HELLO, 2016!

"...emphasizing productivity is often easier when you are also emphasizing another 1 or 2 habits. I say that because it is difficult to be self-disciplined in one area while neglecting others. Discipline and self-control tend to be herd animals rather than lone wolves." - Tim Challies, author of Do More Better:  A Practical Guide to Productivity (available HERE).

To kick off the new year, I am participating in Tim Challies's "10 Days of Productivity" challenge/workshop/thingy. Why? Because I struggle with being genuinely and consistently productive. Oh, I stay insanely busy. And I am a hard worker. But all too often, I end the day feeling frustrated because I have once again failed to do so many of the things I desired to do or thought important.

Tim Challies ( is a blogger/writer/theologian I respect, and he has lived in the trenches, juggling a variety of roles and responsibilities simultaneously. I am hopeful that I will glean practical, biblical wisdom from his life experience during this "10 Days" challenge.

Is my desire for and commitment to greater productivity just another one of those ambitious New Year's resolutions that will fall by the wayside in a day or two? I hope not. Although I am a little nervous - change is always a bit unsettling - I am actually looking forward to taking the time to deliberately and thoughtfully regroup. I am genuinely excited about the year ahead.

Hello, 2016, nice to meet you! I am looking forward to getting better acquainted in the weeks and months ahead!

Challenged by Mr. Challies to choose a couple of areas to work at improving, not just productivity (see above quote), I have set specific goals for myself in several areas. Goals like...

I want to continue reading through my Bible. I share my thoughts about reading through Scripture - all of Scripture - HERE. I'd love for you to join me in reading through the Bible this year. For a daily reading plan, click HERE.

I want to read at least one book a month, other than books I read for school, work, or church. Do More Better is first on my list, but I already have several other titles in mind for the months ahead. Maybe I can tell you about these books here at the blog, as I complete each one. What will you be reading this year?

I want to exercise daily. Last year, I aimed for exercising at least 3 times a week; now that that habit is established, I feel like it's time to amp things up a bit. Even if I only get out for a short walk or do a couple of minutes of yoga before bed, I want to do some kind of physical exercise each day.

I want to WRITE more consistently - here at the blog, on my manuscripts, etc. As Helen and I settle into the spring semester school routine, I have chunks of time designated exclusively for writing. Facebook, emails, dirty floors, messy bathrooms...all that stuff will have to wait.

I have other goals, too - related to nutrition, finances, relationships. Goals that I am excited about working toward. What about you? What would you like to accomplish in the year ahead?


Lisa Smartt said...

Your goals are similar to mine, friend. More productivity will probably always be a struggle for me. I'm praying for more writing, more love, grace, mercy, people contact. Oh, and JOY. Here's to a life of thankful consistent faith-filled JOY!!!!

Camille said...

MORE JOY - awesome goal!!!