Friday, September 2, 2016


I am still working frantically to catch up on household chores, writing assignments, and errands after almost a week off doing sheep-y and cow-y things at the fair. I was wondering, "Why is it so incredibly difficult to get caught up?!"

Then it hit me: while I am whittling down last week's ToDo list, this week's ToDo list is still waiting in queue, getting backed up.

That's one of the special things about being a mom: when you miss work for a day or two or three, the boss doesn't call in someone else to cover your shift. And if you're a homeschool mom, there's no substitute teacher, either. Nope. All the work you missed just piles up, deeper and deeper, until you clock back in and start digging double-time.

So today...

(I am almost caught up...maybe...almost...)

So today, I had a difficult choice to make:

Press on at the catching-up game - OR - Hold the baby, eat lunch with The Chicken, get back into the pool, and play at the blog.

Difficult decision.

Option A: one more l-o-n-g day at the computer, and I can start next Monday right where I'm supposed to be - OR -

Option B (Man, the pool looks so inviting!): start off next week STILL a few days behind.

What did I choose?

Well, after loving on Lizzy and downing a chicken salad wrap with the cool college kids in the engineering study room at EPS, I hit the pool for 30 minutes. The water was amazing - a bit chilly at first, but perfect once I hit my third lap.

And now, a cup of coffee, a Reese's cup, and playtime at the blog.

Come Monday morning, I may still be a little behind, but...

I didn't really have much of a choice, now, did I? :)

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Grammysansocean said...

I just looked at two large piles of "to do" stuff, sitting right out in the open in my music room library. They were carefully stacked and labeled with both the date I made the pile, and the date I was to handle it by. Both dates were in Spring of 2013.

I do not feel sorry for you at all!

Hope you enjoyed your day, otherwise, what's it all for?