Friday, January 15, 2010


Only two weeks into this 8-week competition, I already feel the benefits of recent changes in diet and activity. My pants are not loose, but they are noticeably less tight (woohoo!). My back pain seems less nagging and my posture improved. I'm definitely not a size 12 yet, but I am on my way DOWN! Steve is doing this with me, and was excited to find he'd lost 3 pounds after the first week and a half.

Someone asked if we were using a particular diet program. Nope, but we have adopted some basic guidelines for what we eat. We have pretty much eliminated sweets, except for an occasional bite of chocolate or a glass of cheap wine before bed. We have cut way back on starches - potatoes, noodles, rice, etc. When fixing carb-bombs for the kids for dinner, I prepare a few servings of carrots or cauliflower or squash for Steve and me. Either that, or we just eat an extra portion of whatever green vegetable is on the menu instead. Also, we try to eat snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon - fresh veggies, cheese, a few slices of deer sausage - something to keep our metabolism working.

I mentioned in my first Biggest Loser post that mine is a rather sedentary lifestyle once school starts. The days just aren't long enough to do schoolwork with four highschoolers and a fourth-grader, fix meals, run a house, write, AND enjoy a lengthy workout at a gym. Unable to take full advantage of the exercise equipment at HealthQuest, I am doing what you could call the American History Fitness Program. The teenagers and I watch a 30-minute video each day as part of our American History course - I have to watch the video with my kids because I am abysmally ignorant of the subject myself. (Have I mentioned before that homeschooling your children is a fantastic way to get an incredible education for yourself?!) While Dr. Guelzo talks to us about history, I run through a series of stretching and toning exercises and then jog in place on my yoga mat until it's time to resume classwork at the kitchen table. Jillian What's-her-name would laugh out loud at my "strenuous" workout - but so far, my kids have very graciously NOT laughed out loud, and so I press on!

Having Steve work at this with me has been a tremendous blessing. We attended a post-Christmas holiday party last week, and managed to make it through the scrumptialicious buffet without blowing our diet. Then, a waitress came around taking orders for dessert. Our options? Pecan pie or chocolate marble cheesecake - two of my favorites. Now, I was all ready to say, "Steve, we've done so well this week...let's celebrate by splurging and splitting one dessert between us." Without hestitation, Steve declined ANY dessert before I had time to whine and plead! I pouted for about two seconds, then passed on the dessert also. (The lady next to me, however, ordered BOTH desserts, and then proceeded to EAT both of them in front of me. I was so grateful for my husband's moral support!) Thanks to Steve's commitment to this diet, I was able to face the next day with no regrets from the evening before. Two are better than one....though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:9a, 12

Also, the comments, prayers, and encouragement from you, Dear Readers, have been tremendously motivating. I feel like I have my own cheering squad! And now.....drumroll, please....the results from my first weigh in: 4.5 pounds, lost!


Ashley Ramsey said...

I'm so glad Steve is doing it with you! Brian is great about joining me in health efforts even though he's a rail. It makes a huge difference.

About Jillian, she has a 20 minute video called "The 30 Day Shred" where she combines strength (you'll need 5 pounds weights), cardio and stretching that is really a great work out for people who don't have time to hit the gym. She swears once and of course the ladies are in typical workout attire. I usually do it when Brian's not around and muted with a Mark Driscoll sermon playing.

You may not be into videos, but I thought I'd mention it. The exercises are so simple, nothing fancy and everyone I know who's done it has seen results. It's ten bucks at walmart.

Niki said...

Awesome job! Keep it up!

emily said...

Wow Mom! I am really excited for you. I really like the idea of American History Workout :)

@ Ashley -- Susanne (my mother-in-law, who is really and truly awesome) told me about the Jillian Whatsername DVD, and I got it. It is a pretty good workout for the amount of time -- more difficult than a lot of videos :) Listening to a sermon is a GREAT idea -- I usually work out a favourite rock cd -- nothing at all edifying!

I miss my What Not To Wear time with the treadmill, though!