Friday, January 22, 2010


Speaking of raising boys, you may have teenage boys living in your house if:

1. ...much of your laundry has to be prewashed - outside with the garden hose -before it can go into the washing machine.

2. ...your grocery bill is the largest item in your monthly budget - and -

3. are thinking it might be more efficient to have a Kroger (or Wal-mart or Sysco) semi just deliver groceries straight to your door.

4. have multiple stacks of jeans in your bedroom, waiting for a new home - the jeans that fit last month but are now too small; the ones that fit three months ago, but are now too small; and the ones that, six months ago, you didn't think the boy would ever grow into.

5. ...when you try to start the grill, you frequently find your can of lighter fluid empty because it's been used up as propellant for a home-made cannon.

6. sounds like a herd of rowdy buffaloes live upstairs, due to frequent spontaneous wrestling matches.

7.'re seriously considering getting a cow because of the amount of milk your family consumes each week.

8. have to instruct someone to fill in the foxholes they dug out in the garden before time for spring planting.

9. ...when you start your car, the radio is ON, is LOUD, and (at least out here in the sticks), is COUNTRY.

10. are startled by the voices of strange men in your house, only to realize those are the voices of your children.


emily said...

Love you! I miss the boys. They are lucky to have a mom who enjoys them so much -- and who is willing to let them be boys!

Anonymous said...

Is not the plural of Buffalo, Buffalo?

Camille said...

Okay, Dennis, you almost got me. I went into this post, changed the spelling, then thought, "Naaaah." So I lugged out our 27-lb. Oxford Universal Dictionary - it lists the plural of buffalo as buffaloes. So does our more-recently-published children's dictionary. You almost had me there!

Camille said...

Just checked Merriam-Webster online - they list "buffalo" as the first choice for the plural form, w/ buffaloes as a secondary choice. Times have changed - guess I'm old-school!

Christian gal issues said...

HAHA!!! Great post!