Friday, June 18, 2010


I wrote over a year ago about Nate and his cow, Weezy. Nate adopted Weezy when she was a sick, orphaned calf, and he lovingly nursed her back to health and cared for her like a mother. Here is a picture of Nate and baby Weezy:

Such a pretty baby!

Well, Weezy lived, and thrived, and grew to be a full-sized cow. An affectionate cow, too. She loves neck rubs and back scratches. The other cows in the herd tend to ignore you if you walk out into the fields near where they are grazing. Weezy, however, is quite sociable and will even trot up for a little loving.

Here is a shot of Nate and Weezy together, taken in April 2009. Weezy is a young-adult cow in this picture (notice how much cow and boy have grown since the above picture was taken!):

This winter, Weezy presented Nate with his first Grand-calf. (I'm not sure if that term is technically correct, but you get the idea.) Nate was delighted with this addition to his little herd! Sissy looks a great deal like her mother and is quite a butterball:

Since Sissy is not a bottle-fed calf, she is nowhere near as tame and affectionate as her sweet mother, and she is a little wary of humans. But she doesn't mind standing nearby when Weezy is in the mood for some petting.

Nate says he likes having two cows better than having just one. He puts it this way: "When I'm out with the guys, it sounds so much better to say, 'Well, I gotta get home and check my cowS.' Yep, I've got my own herd now!"

A boy and his cows!


tracy said...

I just realized that Nate has on the same outfit in both pictures.

Camille said...

You're right, Tracy. That shirt is one of Nate's favorites. When he wore out both the sleeves, he cut them off and kept wearing it.