Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have three young couples getting married at Grace Community Church this spring. Yes, these are exciting times for our church family!

Saturday morning, the ladies of Grace are having a shower for one young bride-to-be. Yours truly has been asked to prepare and give a devotional for the occasion - a task I find extremely daunting because, even after 27 years, I still haven't quite figured this marriage thing out. Thankfully, I do have the Gospel...and I think I'm beginning to understand that the Gospel is what marriage is all about.

Anyway, I was thinking it might be interesting to have all the ladies at the shower share some of the things they've learned over the years. Each guest could fill out a card with one piece of advice for the bride, and another card with a piece of advice for the groom. We could then bind these cards together and send them home with the guest-of-honor, for her and her sweetie to peruse later. (BTW, this is not an original idea. It was passed to me by a friend.)

Today, I'm asking you, Dear Reader, for your input. What piece of advice would you offer to a young woman as she is preparing to enter married life? What advice would you offer the groom?


troal said...

For the Groom:

You will undoubtedly receive all kinds of spiritual advice, so here are some thoughts on the more mundane areas of married life:

1. Compliment your wife often; and mean it!

2. You will see women who might seem more attractive than your wife. God has given YOU your wife and Proverbs is full of warnings about straying. When tempted, call to mind how blessed you are (even if you don't feel blessed at the moment) and breathe a sincere prayer of thanks.

3. Learn to cook if you don't already know how. She might be incapacitated at some point. And you know, sometimes she just might appreciate a break.

Jessica said...

I would tell the bride to be that we all need grace. Your husband needs it, but you especially need it!