Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm living in Eeyore's shadow lately. You know, my own personal cloud of gloominess following overhead. Oh, well, not that it matters....sigh.

We have deer in the garden and some varmint - a fox? a skunk? - methodically killing off our chickens. I miss our two bad dogs. Of course, I understand that getting rid of the dogs was preferable to living under the constant threat of a lawsuit from our city-boy neighbor. I'm the one who pressed to have the dogs deported, after all. But today, I'm thinking it would be really good news if I heard that my next-door neighbor was putting his house on the market and packing up to move to Australia. Maybe our dogs did try to eat his rodent-pooch...but they also kept unwanted critters away from the house. Sigh.

We have ants in the house, refugees from all the recent rain. And while the hay and the mosquitoes are thriving in the present sogginess, the cucumbers and the new asparagus crowns I planted have drowned. And I know now that the car trunk leaks. Sigh.

I have another job interview Friday morning. While this should be a "Yay!", I am grieving the fact that I don't have my prayer sister here to walk through the process with me this time. I need some clear guidance, some encouragement, and the reassurance that comes from praying together with another believer. But, no, Melissa is far away, trying to climb up from her first round of chemo. She's going to be in isolation for many months, and, although we can talk on the phone, I can't see her or pray with her in person. And that whole situation is breaking my heart, too. Sigh.

I am tired of being tired. Tired of all my oh-so-friendly aches and pains. Tired of fighting dragons. Tired of relationship issues. Tired of gray skies. Just plain tired.

Where is Pooh when you need him?

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Suzanne said...

I wish I could promise you sunshine and roses and appreciative smiley faces all around and a fabulous income to boot. In my experience, sometimes I get in a blue funk, can't see my way out, then later find myself out of it. I've been told "This too shall pass," but that was little comfort under my cloud. You are in my daily prayers. I love you.