Friday, May 20, 2011


Yellow buttercups blanket the marshy field below the pond.

Six jewel-blue buntings, a flurry of indigo...whoosh!

White blackberry blossoms, prickles hugging the steely gray barbed-wire fence.

Scruffy brown ground hog galumphing through the grass.

Fairy flowers, dainty purple vetch floats in the breeze.

Ebony crow perched atop a silver sycamore tree, calling like a sailor from high on a mast.

Orange fox momma peeking through the woods.

Golden finches flash like drops of distilled sunlight from tree to tree.

Pink clover blossoms bounce like tiny balls in the hay.

Red-tail hawk, keening on an updraft.

White fence posts stand sentinel around the field.

Blue tractor dozes by the bright red barn.

Every color electric against the background of spring's leafy green.

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