Thursday, July 26, 2012


"You know it's beans-beans-beans that make you feel so mean, on the farm (dun-dun), on the farm (dun-dun)..." This is from a silly song we used to sing when the kids were little, one of those goofy, totally ridiculous ditties that helped pass the time in the car.

In my little experience gardening - and enjoying the bountiful produce of gardeners more gifted than myself - I have learned that this silly song isn't so very silly at all.

I've been neck deep in tomatoes this week.  One of my neighbors, Mr. Kenneth, is the king of growing tomatoes.  These beauties are huge, sweet, juicy, and red all the way up to where they join the vine.  And abundant - I think Mr. Kenneth planted enough tomatoes this year to feed half the county.  Well, not really that many - but more than enough for him and his wife, his kinfolk and friends, and his neighbors 3miles down the road.

As is the case with all garden produce, when the tomatoes are ready, they are ready - NOW!  A month or so ago, I had a period where I did little else besides pick, snap, can beans.  Then it was squash.  This week, it's been tomatoes.  Over 40 quarts of the beautiful red sunshine now line the tops of my kitchen cabinets.  When cooler weather sets in, we'll be enjoying some delicious chili, soups, and sauces.  Yum!

But at the moment, I'm about sick of tomatoes.  And I have about ba-jillion things I need to catch up on after devoting so much time to tomatoes.

What's for lunch today?  Why, BLT's, of course.  Alright, I take it back - I'm not really sick of tomatoes after all!

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troal said...

And thanks for the lovely tomatoes that adorned our club sandwiches today!!