Monday, September 10, 2012



No Zzzzzzzt!, Crackle!, or Riiiiip!

Just POW!  Instantaneous, unexpected, deafening.

That's what it sounded like when lightning hit our house Friday night.  POW! and then everything - everything - went black.

Ben came downstairs to tell us the exhaust vent had been blown out of the bathroom ceiling and that his hair was standing on end and "tingling".

Thankfully, Gibson Electric was at the house within an hour and quickly reset our transformer box.  With lights restored, we began the task of discovering what was and wasn't fried.  So far, we know the AC, the water heater, and the house computer got zapped.  Steve and the kids have been tapping into their "inner Scotsman" the past few days, braving cold showers.  (Me, I'm more than willing to take the hike to Grammy's, where I can enjoy hot water!)  Thankfully, we've had cooler weather, so the heat hasn't been a problem.  The computer?  I told the dual-enrollment kids that I would vouch for them if they needed to explain to their professor that they lost their essays because the house had been struck by lightning - but I think they'll have time to do re-writes on my laptop this morning, so maybe that won't be an issue.

The lightning hit on the northeast corner of the upstairs.  Looks like the house was zapped by a ginormous ray gun - a neat hole with a ring of black radiating outward, burned through the siding.  A feather-light brush by the finger of God...a huge explosion, hearts pounding, hair standing on end.

The boys got out on the roof and took care of exterior repairs Saturday morning.  Steve has arranged for electrical repairs...we hope to have hot water by the middle of the week - Yay!

A couple of thoughts on the heels of this electrical event:  First, I am so thankful that I have a husband who stays calm during crisis situations.  Within minutes of the strike, Steve had made an initial assessment of the damage and started making phone calls, calmly and methodically taking care of what needed to be done next.  Second, I am so thankful we didn't have any fire!  Third, I am reallyreallyreally grateful for running water.  Yeah, it's cold (brrrr!), but it's still running - the pump (which we just replace this spring) was spared.

And I'm thankful for this reminder of God's incredible power, and for the comfort that comes with knowing He is sovereign over "all the affairs of man."

(Dad, what would you have guessed would be the likelihood that we'd BOTH get hit in one summer?!)

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Anonymous said...

We are both good. You know that lightening never strikes twice in the same place. Dad