Thursday, October 31, 2013


"I was 'saved' when I was twelve years old, at a summer youth camp." Maybe like me, you have often spoken of your salvation experience in the past tense.

I was saved before the foundation of the world. I was saved when Christ uttered the words, "It is finished." I was saved years ago when I made a profession of faith as a child.

I was saved just this morning when God reminded me in His Word that He has made provision for me - a sinner - by covering me with Christ's righteousness.

I was saved. Am being saved. Will be saved.

I am learning that salvation isn't a one-time experience based on a long ago prayer or a confession. Salvation is a past-present-future reality.

Right this moment, I need the good news of the Gospel of Christ.

God called Himself "I AM" - the eternally present One. Why am I surprised, then, that His salvation is an "I AM" kind of salvation?

Two recent quotes from Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York: "God's salvation does not come in response to a changed life. A changed life comes in response to the salvation, offered as a free gift." My salvation is not based on anything I have done or will do, but entirely upon what Christ has done on my behalf.

"Believing in Christ does not mean that we get a new start on life and must simply try harder to live better than we did in the past. If this is your mind-set, you are still putting your faith in yourself." The changed life that comes in response to salvation is not my opportunity to do better, to get it right. This new life is itself a gift of God, His transforming me into the likeness of my elder brother, Jesus. God saves, and He transforms.

God saves me and gives me new life.

By His grace alone, so that I cannot boast.

For His glory alone.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I am such a doofus. I had any epiphany about the unwisdom of atheism, which I shared with a preacher friend of mine. He told me that I had plagiarized Pascal's Gambit. Years ago I had an epiphany about "I Am". Moses asked, "When they ask who sent me, what am I to say?' And God told Moses, "Tell them that "I Am" sent you." Didn't say 'always was and always will be' - He said, 'I Am". He always Am, in every time and every place. We cannot flee his presence. There is no place or time where He does not exist. And I thought this was an original idea. D'oh! Love, your Brother David