Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Six of my seven children have attended or are attending the University of Tennessee at Martin. Our family feels truly blessed to have this excellent university practically in our back yard.

Over the years, several UTM faculty have become a type of extended family for us Kendalls - these are not just talented professors, but caring individuals who have invested in my children beyond the classroom. These men and women have shared their expertise in their particular fields, and they have also generously shared their time, counsel, and friendship. Teachers like John Glass, Chris Hill, Steve Elliott, John Bush, Phillip Davis, Chris and Merry Brown, Charles and Kyoko Hammand, Jason Stout, Diane Shaw, Elaine Harriss...extraordinary people who have fueled my kids' hunger to learn and who have challenged them to see further, think more deeply, and reach higher. To all of these teachers:  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Most of my kids began their UTMartin experience by enrolling in dual-enrollment classes as high school juniors or seniors. In the November/December issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (www.TOSMagazine.com), you can read more about how my family has benefited and learned from dual-enrollment classes at UTMartin over the years.

You can link to the article "Dual-Enrollment: Hello, Higher Education!" here. Or, you can read the entire magazine on your mobile device (Kindle, Android, Apple and Nook HD) by downloading the free apps at www.TOSApps.com.

I want to say a big "Thank you!" to Dr. John Glass, Casey Scarborough and Carrie Arant for their help in producing this article. My hope is that our efforts will encourage other homeschoolers in our area to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities - both academic and relational - that are available at our local university.

Also, a MONDO "Thank you!" goes out to my awesome kids, for sharing your educational journeys with me, both at home and beyond. It's been a pleasure!

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