Thursday, October 30, 2014


I work so much better with a routine.

I am more productive and less stressed, and I handle the inevitable disruptions with more grace.

Some folks eschew routine for uninterrupted spontaneity. But if every moment of life is lived "spontaneously" - doesn't that kind of negate what it means to be spontaneous? If every single action or decision is spontaneous, well, that's not really spontaneity - that's failing to plan or to prepare. Maybe you could call it passivity, or apathy, or reactivity, but I don't think you can correctly call it spontaneity.

All of this to say, I was very happy to exercise with the ladies at ADBC this morning, after a week away.

My morning routine - coffee and Bible, then a few pages of whatever book I'm currently reading (right now, it's N. D. Wilson's "Death by Living" - AWESOME book), exercise at Caroline's studio, home to tend chickens, fix second breakfast, shower and dress for the day...

Yesterday, after more than a month off, I was even able to sit down and begin working again on Book #3. It. Felt. Amazing.

I love that the routine of life is punctuated by unexpected situations and unforeseen twists, by special occasions and interesting opportunities. I love having the freedom and the occasion to  be spontaneous. To do something "just because."

And I love routine.

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