Friday, October 17, 2014


With two flat tires on the van recently, I found myself stuck at home for an entire week.

I did...
mop the floors,
clean the bathrooms,
chug through a ton of schoolwork with the high school sophomore,
pull grass out of the irises,
walk to the neighbors' house to visit several times,
hose off the back porch,
catch up on some paperwork,
work a couple of crossword puzzles,
and read a book.

I did not...
exercise with the ladies at ADBC each morning,
make a run to town for groceries,
shuttle Helen to her piano lesson
or to the homeschool group teen meeting,
mail packages at the Post Office,
shop for a dress to wear to the wedding,
make my weekly stop at the newspaper office,
visit the expectant mother,
check out the deals at Goodwill,
or shop for fresh fall vegetables at the produce stand.

It was nice to have a clean house.

I love George MacDonald's fairy tales.

And I am very thankful for new tires on the van.

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