Monday, December 8, 2014

AH, AH, AH....!

My college kids are taking the first of this semester's finals today. Long hours studying over the past weekend, more long hours of study in the days ahead. Friday evening, they will finally be able to put the textbooks away and enjoy a much-needed break from school work.

My youngest is psyching up for the ACT on Saturday. This will be the first time in her life that she has taken a standardized test. We've been practicing filling in bubbles and taking timed tests, so that Saturday morning won't feel so strange.

My second youngest and her husband are expecting their first baby ANY DAY. She's nesting:  keeping the pantry stocked, laundry caught up, chores checked off her to-do list, timing Braxton-Hicks. The Chicken and I, while we're chugging through math and science and practice ACT, we are waiting for a phone call. Bags packed, gas tank full, going through the day like we're living in the middle of an almost sneeze.

This, my friends, promises to be an exciting week at the Kendall house. Come Sunday, I think we're going to be due for one blowout of a party!

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