Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yesterday, a friend shared a link to a dialogue between Lecrae Moore, Voddie Baucham, Phillip Holmes, James White, and B.J. Thompson, addressing the situation in Ferguson, MO. I strongly recommend that when you have time, you go HERE and listen to the entire discussion.

What was my take-away from hearing these godly men share their thoughts on Ferguson, the gospel, the church, and culture? How am I a different person after sitting in on their conversation, different from the person I was yesterday morning?

First, I am challenged anew to earnestly pray for the church and for the effective proclamation of the gospel. Not just my local church, not just in my hometown, but across the nation - and especially in areas where people are greatly discouraged and hurting desperately.

Second, I am convicted of my lack of intentionality in pursuing meaningful relationships with people who are very different from me. Relationships that are more than surface acquaintances - relationships that are intimate, honest, concerned, and committed.

Change in this area is going to be hard for me. Out here in the middle of a hay field, I don't have very many opportunities to engage with people of any kind, whether they are like me or not. And my personality - I tend to be quiet, introspective, more comfortable hanging out in the shadows that form around the edges of social opportunities.

Yes, Pastor White, this is going to take intentionality. Work. Persistence. Prayer. I begin this day with no clear vision of just exactly how to go about this and with no small amount of trepidation. But I know that I have been passive too long, and that must change.

Third, I am tremendously blessed and encouraged by the thoughtful, biblical counsel of these men - Voddie Baucham, Lecrae, James White, B.J. Thompson - and I am thankful these brothers in Christ took the time to call this sister to task.

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Anonymous said...

When we get to where we can worship with those whose skins are a different color than ours we will be able to live with one another. I pray that day comes soon. Dad