Monday, May 17, 2010


Monday morning - and by now I should have a new post up on the blog. Actually, should've posted a couple of hours ago. But last week ate up my short queue of posts, and the weekend afforded no opportunity to write. Where has the time gone and why can't I seem to find a few minutes to sit down and write?!

Last week, our family enjoyed the privilege of babysitting my little grand-nephew for several days. Logan is fifteen months old, is just about the pleasantest baby I've ever met, and is amazingly MOBILE. The kids and I quickly ascertained that Logan's favorite activities include scooting chairs and climbing!

Okay, I suddenly remember life with toddlers - days spent chasing and laughing, reading the same books over and over again, sharing bites of round oat cereal, singing silly songs, and falling asleep together in the rocking chair. Days spent NOT cleaning the house, writing on blogs, buffing your toenails, and contemplating the theology of Avatar.

Kids - especially little, fast, active kids! - demand that you set aside the you-centeredness of this life and they draw you instead into a world spinning on a different axis. All you mothers of young children reading this: yours is a high and holy calling. Sometimes it is an exhausting calling, sometimes mind-numbing, sometimes so repetitive that you can't imagine it having any real significance.

Having stepped back into that world for a few days, I encourage you to persevere. Keep giving of yourselves to these little ones. As one of my now-adult children puts it, keep giving "until you have nothing left to give but Jesus." You are doing kingdom work, young mother, work of eternal value.

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