Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been told there are certain flowers and shrubs for which a person should NEVER pay money. Monkey grass, hostas, day lilies, forsythia, mint, and others...once established, these tend to go wild and try to take over a yard. Therefore, folks who have these plants are regularly trying to thin them out and are more-than-eager to share some bulbs, shoots, or cuttings.

A friend of mine recently hosted a plant swap. A bunch of ladies met for a cookout and fellowship, and each of us brought several plants from our own yards to share with the others. We sorted through the collection of assembled greenery, picking things we wanted to take home, getting instructions from one another on where and how to plant each item - shady or full sun? dry or moist soil? Shovel in hand, our hostess took us on a tour of her beautifully landscaped yard and dug up "starters" for any interested takers.

Sharing plants - not only is it a great way to get free flowers and bushes, it fills your yard with memories and thoughts of special people. Around the Kendall house, we have daylilies from my Grandmother, hydrangeas from Donna, irises from Suzanne, Carol's four o'clocks, my great-great-great Grandmother's green beans, Mr. Mike's cream peas. I mentioned to my sister this spring that everytime I pass the irises she gave me, I think of her. "When you see them and think of me, then pray for me, too," she commented. And so they became prayer irises.

Does your monkey grass need to be thinned? Forsythia taking over the front yard? Four o'clocks threatening to eat the house? Call your friends, fire up the grill, get out your shovel, and have a plant swap!


Niki said...

That is actually a wonderful idea!

Suzanne said...

Each time I look at the irises I thinned, I think of the people I gave them to and pray for them. I also remember to pray for Uncle Tom and Aunt Viv each time I mow my lawn. Whenever I see my peach tree, I pray for Grandmother West. Driving by my magnolia tree always brings Mom and Granddaddy West to mind for a quick prayer. Seeing the mimosa at the end of my driveway always reminds me to pray for Mer and Pap. Enjoying Mer's roses reminds me to pray for Daddy and thank God that my 2 beautiful plants are sprouted from the bush in Daddy's yard that is sprouted from the bush in Mer's yard.

Being out in my yard always puts me in a prayerful mood. Maybe that is why I get depressed in the winter when I am indoors so much...I am missing too much prayer time!

Glory be to God for His Amazing Creation!