Monday, September 27, 2010


I like that when I find an unfamiliar plant or bug or tree, one of my kids can usually tell me what it is.

I like that my kids prefer my fried peach pies over every other fried pie they've ever eaten.

I like that my girls can hide away in their room for hours, working together on a quilt or creating new clothes for their dolls.

I like that my boys, as well as my girls, talk about what they want to name their future children.

I like that my college students come home on the weekend and talk about their classes, teachers, classmates, and life on campus.

I like that my married kids call and email and chat with me on Facebook and write letters and postcards to the younger siblings.

I like that my sons take time to explain contemporary music lyrics to me.

I like that my kids enjoy making huge messes together in the kitchen....and they frequently make tasty food, too!

I like that my kids often read book passages aloud to each other and to me and Dad.

I like that my kids weave quotes from The Princess Bride or Nacho Libre into normal daily conversation without even thinking.

I like that my children can carry on intelligent conversations with people over 50.

I like that my kids enjoy making music, and I especially like hearing them make music together.

I like that my kids find ways to encourage me as a mother, whether it's a note under my pillow at bedtime or the "Here, Mom, let me help with that!"

I like that my kids create poetry that breaks my heart, music that helps me breathe, and super heroes that make me laugh.

I like that my huge boys still hug me in public, and my girls aren't embarrassed to hold hands with their mom when we're out running errands together.

I, I love that my kids love and enjoy each other.

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Christian gal issues said...


LOVE this post! I too love my children, for a lot of the same reasons you wrote about. I would add that I love it when they linger around the dinner table to chat about their day.

I love hearing my girls well into the night, chatting and giggling - well, not too late :)

There are others as I am sure you had others. Thanks for sharing!!! GREAT!