Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last week, I painted my toenails for the first time in, umm, over a year, I think. Wow. A lot changes in a year...

I discovered that even with my "magnifying" glasses, my toes were nothing close to being in focus. Still, I pressed bravely ahead. Then I discovered that getting my toes close enough to my face to have any clue where to aim the brush was...difficult. It seems I am less flexible and much thicker around the middle than a year ago. Not a good combination for someone who wants flashy toenails.

Still, I pressed ahead. After applying one coat, I needed to dig out the polish remover and a Q-tip. It looked like I had dipped my toes into the polish instead of applying the polish with the tiny brush. Okay, quick clean up and then to apply another coat. The second coat didn't go on any easier.

But, while I discovered that I was no longer able to polish my toenails with any degree of competency, I also discovered something else. You know what? Once I put my feet back on the floor and stood up, my toes looked fantastic. From five and a half feet away, I couldn't see the blotches and smears. All I could see was bright, shiny color. Incredible.

Come to think of it, I don't have as many wrinkles, and my floors don't look so dirty after all...when I take my glasses off. Perhaps weakening eyesight is a God-given grace to the middle-aged!

Sure, you younger folks shake your heads at us messy olders. That's okay. Your day is coming. And with it, lots of grace.

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