Friday, December 24, 2010


1. The grace of God extended to me in the person of my Lord, my Saviour, my Beloved - Jesus Christ.

2. A red-headed farmboy named Steve.

3. Emily, the long-desired child we thought we'd never have. Now, such a beautiful young woman!

4. Reuben - Behold, a son!

5. Nathaniel - God laughs at my earlier fears of childlessness!

6. Thomas - a Tiger who, even in the delivery room, roared at the presumptions of the mild-mannered Dr. Settles.

7. Benjamin...

8. ...and Martha - not one, but two divine lights in a dark place.

9. Helen - a full quiver, filling her mother's heart to overflowing.

10. Dennis - When I thought there could be no more children, God blesses me with another beloved son.

G.K. Chesterton once wrote that the one thing Christ dared not reveal to us in the incarnation, the one thing we could not yet bear in our fallen human state, was the laughter of God. Christ displayed the love, the passion, the wisdom, the faithfulness, the zeal, the wrath, and the sorrow of God, but never do we have recorded in Scripture that He laughed. Chesterton believed that God's laughter would have been too much for us, too big, that it would have destroyed us. I look at Steve and at the precious children God has given me, and I think I begin to hear the distant rumblings of divine laughter, holy mirth, overflowing joy. God is very good, and He is indeed very merry!

Merry Christmas!

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