Monday, December 20, 2010


A few nights ago, Steve and I walked next door to catch up on news with Grammy and Granddad. We found them in the middle of watching a movie, but Granddad muted the TV so we could visit. Personally, I find it very difficult to concentrate while a TV is on in the same room - I grew up in a house without a TV, and find myself mesmerized by the flashing images, even without sound. But, socializing under the glare of the great glowing Eye is a skill I am slowly developing.

Anyway, while we were sitting around the table chatting, the movie broke to a commercial for an upcoming Victoria's Secret production - some kind of TV fashion show, I think. Wow. Basically, the ad consisted of tall, thin, busty, oiled women prancing around in their underwear, swooshing feathers and fans and all sorts of accessories. I remember one print line from the muted commercial: "This year, get her a gift you'll never forget." I guess V.S. isn't into self-less, sacrificial giving.

I personally like some of lingerie available at Victoria's Secret. Pretty, feminine, and well-engineered (not to mention, oober expensive). However, I confess I do NOT like watching other women wearing same products, sans clothing. On national TV. At 6:30 in the evening. While I'm sitting at the table with the in-laws. Basically, that TV ad was a soft porn clip, broadcast over prime-time television into who-knows-how-many homes.

Okay, let's imagine a different scenario. Instead of Mom and Dad, it's Hubby watching the said Victoria's Secret show. Yiyiyiyi. I would seriously be questioning his motives. Shopping for his wife? Yeah, right. I'd recommend he turn off the TV, buy her a gift certificate, and let her pick out her own lingerie.

After watching a gorgeous model have sex with a double-decker hamburger on a similarly-styled commercial last year, I wrote Hardee's a letter of complaint and have since boycotted that restaurant chain. First off, I'm willing to bet the woman on that commercial has NEVER eaten a fast-food hamburger. Second, the commercial was obviously designed to make men wish they were hamburgers. Or to make women think they'd be happier if they traded their men for hamburgers. Or some such nonsense.

Anyway, my point, even prime time TV is pornographied. It doesn't seem there is a safe place to rest one's eyes. Do most Americans really think this is okay?

(Sadly, these statistics seem to imply most people would answer: "Yes, it's fine. What's your problem?" Sometimes, this world feels like a dark and lonely place.)


Jenny said...

"First off, I'm willing to bet the woman on that commercial has NEVER eaten a fast-food hamburger. Second, the commercial was obviously designed to make men wish they were hamburgers. Or to make women think they'd be happier if they traded their men for hamburgers."

Camille, you probably weren't going for comedy, but this made me laugh so much! And then I thought, "What if your husband IS pretty much a hamburger?" :-D

Great post, though. We were coming back from Holly Springs after getting our cat last week and passed through a part of town that had AWFUL billboards. They were the kind that you stare at for a moment, trying to figure out what it is your are looking at. I wonder how many accidents have taken place on that little stretch of road?

Suzanne said...

Bothered? Extremely! I loathe the pornographic commercials that pop up all the time, even during children's programs. I do not patronize Victoria's (Nothing Is) Secrets or any other business that explicitly portrays humans (or hamburgers) as sex toys. God created man in His Own Image. Defying the dignity of any person is evil. God explains His relationship with His Church as a Marriage, dignifying the marital relationship divinely beyond the current worldly definition of marriage. Belittling the significance of marriage or promoting extramarital promiscuity is sacrilege. Pornography producers and consumers will ultimately face the Divine Judge. Lord, have mercy!

Christian gal issues said...

Camille, I too am offended. I remember when we were growing up, you didn't watch TV after 9 because not only were the shows distasteful, so were the commercials. Now a days, there are horrible commercials on even in the late afternoon hours and while our kids are watching some "family friendly" channel! You can not escape them. We have gotten to the point in our house that even my children are turning the channel during commercials. Even before we watch them, we are either stopping the TV or turning the channel. It is pathetic! If it wasn't for football, we would have NO TV what so ever! Movies and DVD's of our own choice are the only way to go.

I keep thinking.......that is someones daughter out there in a tiny little outfit! Would I want my father seeing me like that? Would I want my husband to see his daughters like that? NO! Just sad. No other word for it really.

J. K. Jones said...

TV is difficult for men to watch these days.

Ashley Ramsey said...

I agree with the point of your post. But I also see another point looming in the first paragraph, the muting the TV when someone comes over to visit.

It drives me crazy that when I come home to visit my grandparents or parents I have to either talk over the TV or have the muted but flashing images in the background.

No offense to the TV-muters in your story :)