Friday, December 17, 2010


I have officially finished reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and hope to soon be curled up in front of the fire reading the prequel, The Hobbit. I LOVE THESE BOOKS.

Anyway, the family was discussing our favorite characters from the books. Funny how they remind us of each other! We decided that Reuben is very like Tom Bombadil - he's a character you won't be familiar with unless you read the books, because Peter Jackson left him out of the movies. Older than the elves, older than the Ents, married to the River Daughter, full of life and in love with every growing thing. Martha - definitely Eowyn, a shield-maiden of Rohan. Think warrior princess and horse mistress. Thomas - Peregrin Took, aka Pippin. He's all about having a good time - pipe weed, a pint of ale, singing and dancing, blowing things up/fireworks, pilfering the neighbor's mushrooms. Not much thought of consequences or long-term plans. We have a Frodo, who sees things others don't and who often must walk in dark places, bearing burdens others are unaware of. We have a Rosie - a sensible, happy, good-natured Hobbit. We even have a Fatty Lumpkin.

Tolkien's characters are wonderful because - be they elf or Wild Man - they are so real. So, Lord of the Rings fans, which Tolkien character are you?

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