Friday, December 9, 2011


"How in the world do you manage with so many kids?!"

This is a question I am frequently asked when someone first learns the size of my family.

Last spring, Kevin DeYoung posted a funny article over at The Gospel Coalition that he titled Parenting 001. In his post, DeYoung commented, "...if I ever write a book on parenting I'm going to call it The Inmates Are Running the Asylum." (Yes, you probably ought to take a minute to click over and read the article!)

Anyway, I came home last night from my shift at Wal-Mart to find the inmates at my house "running the asylum." Me, I'd spent the evening checking out shoppers at Wally World. Steve, he was hosting a Woodmen seminar/dinner, so had to be away from home for the evening, too. When I walked in the door, this is what I found:

Martha had cooked dinner and then cleaned up the dishes after everyone had eaten. Someone had kept the clothes washer and dryer running and had folded the clothes. The girls had made cookie dough, in preparation for Saturday night's dance. Then the kids turned the kitchen table into a craft station - spread with paper, glue, glitter, and ribbon - where they spent part of the evening constructing dance cards.

When I walked in, they were all lined up on the couch, watching a movie. Now, I really do not like the sight of kids boobed out in front of a TV, but last night, even though it wasn't family movie night, I really couldn't complain: my four teenagers (well, one is only almost a teenager) were laughing hysterically at The Aristocats. Too silly!

You know what's really cool? I hadn't left a To-Do list or instructions or anything.

Today, hopefully, we are going to check off some schoolwork, chase the baby, finish making dance cards, hem a couple of skirts, and bake a few more goodies. Then this evening, I'll head back out to Wal-Mart. Sounds like it's going to be a very full day!

How in the world do I manage with so many kids?

How in the world would I manage without them?

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