Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We didn't do school today. Well, Thomas and Martha did some Physics homework, but they did that on their own. So, guess what I did with a little bit of extra "free" time while the baby napped?

A. Cleaned out my closet (which is so cluttered that you almost can't walk into it)
B. Cleaned my bathrooms (you just don't even want to know how gross they are)
C. Decorated for Christmas, finally
D. Mulched the strawberries, finally
E. All of the above

And the correct answer is....

Nope, I flopped around like a brain-dead rag doll all day. When baby napped, I crashed on the couch. When Reuben took baby for a walk outside, I snoozed on the couch. When Martha read baby several books, I dozed on the couch.

Now don't get the wrong idea - I didn't sleep all day. Zombie Woman did fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I did some laundry. And I played with baby and changed several nasty diapers.

Finally, about 4:00 this afternoon, my glazed eyes cleared and things began coming into focus. The gray fog in my head began to lift. Ahhhh! Time to do something productive to redeem this day!

I pulled out my big blue binder, the one in which I keep lesson plans for the current semester. Wow! Only one more week of school left in this term! It is so exciting to realize that we have actually managed somehow, in our muddling along, to complete an entire semester of school work. Next week, I'll be calculating end-of-term grades and filling out grade/attendance reports.

Today, however, I began mapping out our coursework for spring, taking notes of supplies I'd need to have on hand, books to order, etc. Writing out spring lesson plans is an exciting exercise. One, because it's encouraging to see what we have already accomplished. Two, because it means we are on our way back to summer and the long summer holiday. From here on out, we'll be counting down lessons 'til the end of the school year. We're over halfway through the math books and the science books...headed for the books' back covers!

Yep, I'm looking forward to tackling spring semester. I'm especially looking forward to two weeks off for Christmas break - something tells me I'll be taking lots of naps, and maybe I'll check some of those chores off my To-Do list, too!

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