Friday, February 14, 2014


When I was a child, I would occasionally have those blah days when I would complain, "I'm bored!" Or, "I'm tired!" Or, sometimes I would have days when I was just in a generally crabby mood. No particular reason, but I felt "off" somehow. Blegh.

My Dad had a pretty standard response to those situations. When my complaining or moping or sighing began to grate on his nerves, Dad would say, "You need to go run around the house!" Sometimes, he would even make me do just that:  "You go run around the house three times, and then come back inside and we'll talk."

I don't recall that I ever particularly appreciated that advice. And I don't know that I ever followed that advice except when Dad actually made me. I hated running around the house.

Funny thing was, though, as stupid as the suggestion sounded, running around the house usually helped me feel better.

I did not start the day very well yesterday. I didn't sleep great the night before, so I wasn't rested when I stumbled out of the bed to silence the nagging alarm clock. Then, I somehow lost track of time and felt rushed to get breakfast ready for the commuters before they hit the road. Then, someone said something that hurt my feelings, left me feeling down-in-the-mouth over yet another thing that I wasn't doing right. Blegh.

Yesterday, it was yoga day at the little fitness center in Troy - my favorite workout of the week. But by the time 7:15 rolled around, when it was time for me to hop in the van and head to the studio, I was in such a lousy mood that I decided to sit down with another cup of coffee and sulk instead. Blegh.

Caroline asked me this morning where I was yesterday. "We missed you," she said.

I told her how my Thursday morning had gone, and that since I was in a bad mood, I decided to skip class.

"So, how'd that work for you?" Caroline asked.

"Not very well," I admitted. "I was still in a pretty lousy mood at lunchtime."

Caroline just stood there a second, looking at me with her lips pressed firmly together. I knew what she was thinking. "Okay, so what did we learn yesterday?"

I didn't answer.

"You know, if you had gone ahead and come in and worked out anyway, in spite of your bad mood, you'd have left feeling a lot better."

I knew Caroline was right. "Yeah, I know," I admitted reluctantly.

"So next time you start your day in a lousy mood....?" She looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"...get in the van and come anyway," I completed her sentence.


"Getting out and exercising really will make me feel better."

Caroline smiled and gave me a hug. "You have a great day today," she encouraged.

I know she's right. I know because my Daddy taught me the same thing, a bazillion years ago when I was a child. I don't know why, but moving around enough to elevate your heart rate and increase your rate of respiration truly does improve your mood. Clears your mind. Lifts the fog.

How's your Friday going? Are you fighting a lousy mood? I bet you'd feel better if you'd go run around the house.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure that I can run that far. Dad