Friday, February 21, 2014


I am so thankful for the sunshine today. It's amazing how bright light and blue skies elevate my mood and my energy level. I just feel so much better.

I once read somewhere that the person with little faith is just as "saved" as the person with great faith - the person with weak faith just doesn't feel as saved. Salvation is a work of God, not of our faith. In God's hands, His children are eternally secure, regardless of the strength or weakness of our faith.

The circumstances of my life have not radically altered since last week's frigid temperatures and overcast skies. I still feel like I'm running at an all-out gallop, trying to check off items on an endless to-do list. I still have gnarly personal issues that I'm wrestling with. I still feel like I repeatedly drop the ball, disappoint people around me. Plus, we've been battling a particularly nasty plague at our house this week - blech!

If anything, life this week has been hairier than last week. But emotionally, it feels like this week has been much better. Because of the light.

Sometimes, I wonder what amazing things I could accomplish in this life if I could only begin each day by baking in warm morning sunshine a couple of hours before my feet hit the floor. I'd probably have to change my name to Tawanda!

Savoring today's sunshine, I am reminded again that in Scripture Jesus is often referred to as "light" and as "glory" and as "radiance." When my faith is small, and I feel insecure, it's like living in the cold gray shadows of a wintry day. When my faith is strong, it's like living in the warm glow of spring sunshine.

And yet God - and His faithfulness - never changes. I am as secure and as loved and as much an object of God's favor on a cloudy "small faith" day as I am on a sunny "big faith" day.

Today, I am thankful for the sunshine and the blue sky. And I am thankful for the reminder that, even on cloudy days, the sun is still shining, imparting warmth and life through the clouds that block my view.


Anonymous said...

I once wrote a poem that's related to this! (sort of)

lint-like, and cold, and grey, and lying
still-so still-
against the earth.
Trees lift their twisted wrists, twig-fingers;
press, poke their dewy
joints into that grey; into that
cold; into that lint-like sky.
Small birds, beneath,
plow leaf-mould; speak
in dim clipped whispers.
Miles higher out of sight
the sun sets fires dancing
over cloud-fields flashing
holy, holy, white.

RuthieDenise said...

I feel like you must know me and be writing about me. I have so much enjoyed the sun the last couple of days. Just being out in it has lifted my spirits.