Monday, February 3, 2014


Today, I want to take a minute to say how very much I love my sisters at Grace Presbyterian Church.

Yesterday was a very full day, from start to finish. It came on the heels of another very full day. Which followed closely upon a very full day the day before. I feel like I have been running at an all-out gallop since the day I hung my new 2014 calendar on the wall. In the craziness of the past month, there has been much to celebrate, much that has been so very good and brought tremendous joy. And there has been fatigue and sorrow and pain and stress and grief.

Yesterday began with prayer with my sisters in the church basement. Some things, we have been praying about for months, with no evident answer to encourage us. But once again, we gathered and prayed. It is so hard when you're tired and discouraged to persevere in praying for people and situations that you've been praying over for months or years. It is such a tremendous blessing to have others around you who encourage you to press on, to be faithful in praying when you feel like giving up.

Then, the women's ministry leadership team got busy in the church kitchen, cooking pancakes while others were gathered in their Sunday school classes. I mentioned that I had recently discovered and fallen in love with the electronic-mix music of Swedish artist Avicii (you should definitely go check out Hey Brother). One of the women then shared her current favorite single:  Worn, by the group Tenth Avenue North. I came unglued - the song so very accurately described the way I was feeling yesterday morning, the way I feel so much of the time lately. I, too, desperately long to "see redemption win."

So while we were flipping pancakes, we went from dancing and laughing, to crying and hugging, and then, of course, back to dancing and laughing. The class that was meeting in the Fellowship Hall, if they heard or saw us in the kitchen, probably thought we'd lost our marbles. It is wonderful to be in the company of others who can celebrate your joys and share your sorrows with equal grace and abandon. Thank you, Ginny, Laura, and Kerri, for being such sweet sisters.

God has beautiful daughters.

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