Tuesday, April 29, 2014


One of the less-than-pleasant aspects of this new season of life...

Physical &/or mental fatigue, fluctuating hormone levels, decreased hydration (oops! I forgot to drink my gallon of water!), changes in atmospheric pressure or humidity - when all the conditions are just right, "when Jupiter aligns with Mars" - one of those two-ton headaches sets in and drags me down like soggy boots on a long-distance swimmer.

I've been fighting this current skull cracker for almost a week. It's like a frontier squatter - moved in and set up house and just won't be ousted.

Thankfully, I'm not completely incapacitated this go-round. I can still cook dinner, fold laundry, make a grocery run. But every little thing seems to take so much effort. And maintaining a good attitude? A Herculean task.

This morning (Monday), I resolved to take no pain medication for the day. After a week of trying to turn down the volume on the pain-o-meter with various meds, my stomach was beginning to complain. It needed a break. So, my head is complaining and my stomach is complaining, and I really just want both of them to stop fussing and behave themselves!


On the up side:

Current storm systems will be moving out in a day or two - the weather forecast is calling for clear skies and sunshine by mid-week. I've rested today, a lot - easy to vegetate when your head feels like a turnip. Some major projects that required a great deal of mental and physical energy were checked off the To-Do list this past weekend.

I have been challenged, strengthened, and encouraged in my faith and in living out the practical implications of what I believe by a dear sister in Christ. The view out my kitchen window is fabulous - last night's thunderstorm and the accompanying deluge painted the landscape an even more intense shade of green. And Helen is quite content to take a day off school to let Mom be quiet and still and idle.

Malaise fading...

(I wrote this yesterday, Monday, and I am very happy to report this Tuesday morning that said headache is definitely on its way out. Yay!)

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