Thursday, May 1, 2014

ADBC Fitness Studio

In my last post, I complained (so sorry) about how I'd been fighting one of those skull-cracker headaches that just hangs on for days and days and days. That kind of headache makes writing almost impossible. And writing, for me, is a definite stress reliever. And cumulative stress aggravates the headaches. Which makes it difficult to think clearly and to focus and to write. Which...

You get the idea. It's a lousy cycle to get stuck in!

Today is day two of no pain meds. My stomach feels much happier. And the ache in my head now is like random raindrops in a puddle after a long storm, an occasional drip!/twinge, tapering away to nothing.

And the sky is BLUE today, and the sun is shining.

And best of all, I started today with yoga at the little fitness studio on the square in Troy.

What? Haven't heard about it?

I think ADBC Fitness Studio is the best kept secret in our rural little corner of the world.
ADBC Fitness Studio, located on the town square in Troy, TN
The narrow store front really doesn't give passers-by a fair indication of the big things that go on inside this exercise studio. Owner Caroline Duncan offers fitness classes for younger people and seniors, and personal training for individuals. She even has an extremely fit and aggressive team of folks training for the Tough Mudder run that will be held in Nashville in a couple of weeks.

I participate in the morning fitness class which begins at 7:30. Three days a week we do a cardio workout. One day a week, we target particular muscle groups with a weight workout. And Thursdays we have yoga.

I enjoy all the classes - the exercise, the people, the conversation. But my very favorite class is yoga on Thursdays. It's like the chocolate cake you treat yourself to after eating your cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. (Hmm, maybe that's not such a great analogy for a fitness class!)

So, anyway, I've been fighting this nagging headache. And I haven't been writing. Blegh. I commented to Helen yesterday, "I just want to have a day when I feel great!, when I can get excited about working on the book again."

After yoga with Erica this morning, I believe that today is that day.

I love my hometown!

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