Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Yesterday, Helen made her Math Lesson Countdown chart - 16 lessons to go! By mid-May, we'll be finished with Algebra I for good.

We missed a week of schoolwork in late February (wedding preparations) and then missed a few more days in March (retreat planning), so we will not finish school the first of May this year as in years past. Still, we're close enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Helen and I are both eager to plow through her remaining coursework. Summer break, here we come!

After tackling today's schoolwork, weather permitting, I hope to get outside and dig up some flowers to share with a friend. And clean out the chicken house. And weed the strawberry bed. And do a little Round-Up magic. And I need to terminate two good-looking roosters.

If I can get most of those things checked off, and finish preparations for this weekend's women's ministry workshop, and run a couple loads of laundry, and come up with a menu for dinner, then, if I'm not completely worn out and bleary-eyed, then...

I very badly want to get back to editing Book #2. Sigh.

While Helen is at piano camp this summer, I intend to indulge in a personal write-a-thon. Gonna park my broad backside at a coffee shop in Martin and type my stumpy little fingers off. Away from the clutter and To-Do's that jockey for attention here at home, it'll just be me, coffee on tap, and my laptop for eight hours a day. Well, with a break for lunch and a walk around the fitness trail. Maybe Moby Bologna will even make a reappearance!

But, in the words of Aragorn, "This is not that day."

So, back to the school books, and the weeding, and the chicken poo, and the pile of clothes in the laundry room floor...


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