Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Way back in October 2012, I wrote about how much I love swimming. And, yes, I did get up to a mile by the end of the month. Thirty-six laps. Even worked up to swimming 20 laps, forward crawl, without stopping - that was quite an accomplishment for this almost-50-year-old. Even made it under water a complete width of the pool - oh, yeah!

Then, classes ended in late April. There were no students to pick up at the campus, and I couldn't justify making the drive to Martin three times a week just to swim. I've been out of the water for almost two months. Dehydrating. Like a beached manatee.

But this week, with #7 attending piano camp, swimming is back on the schedule. Monday was my first day back in the pool, and it felt divine.

Did I swim a mile? No. Did I make it 20 consecutive laps forward crawl? No. Actually, I swam mostly breast stroke, because it's easy and doesn't get me winded. It'll take time to work up to my previous routine.

My red suit, unfortunately, is showing signs of "swimsuit failure" - which means that soon I will need to brace myself for the trauma of shopping for a new bathing suit. I mean, I know I'm a fairly large woman - I just don't want to see all that womanliness in a dressing room mirror. Ugh.

Mermaids and manatees have it so good:  they just grow their suits. Sigh.

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