Friday, May 16, 2014


Slow evolution...

It feels like we turned the calendar back toward winter here in Obion County. Brrrr! Summer was here last week - gone today - will be back again next week. Soon, summer will be here to stay. But at the moment, I am feeling pretty chilly!

Ben and Reuben prepped the garden a couple of weeks ago, covered it with newspaper and mulch. They planted a few things. A couple days later, they planted a few more things. Yesterday, I picked up some cantaloupe and squash plants - hope to get those in the ground this afternoon.

Helen finished her language arts curriculum last week. Next week, she'll work the last problem set in her Algebra 2 book. The week after that, she finishes Biology. The end of May seems a long way off, but, soon, we will complete 9th grade and will officially be on summer break. Yay!

Rewrite #2 of Book #2 is complete - woohoo! Busy weekend ahead this weekend, then, next week, time to buckle down and conquer round three of editing. Proofing. Formatting. Loading. I had hoped to have the second book ready for release by the end of May, but it looks like launch will be mid-June instead.

I feel like I'm living in a time warp. The closer we get to checking some things off, it seems work on those things shifts into slow motion. Like being trapped in a perpetual state of "almost there."

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