Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A few of my favorite snapshots from the recent holiday weekend...

Steve, buzzing about the house like a bee, checking projects off his To-Do list. Over the long weekend, he finished putting shelves in Helen's closet, built and installed a mantle over the fireplace, put extra towel hooks in the downstairs bathroom, worked on the window boxes in the upstairs bedrooms, and cleaned a ton of junk off the porch. Pretty amazing, huh?

Baby spam!!! Suddenly, Emily and Dennis and the grandbaby don't seem quite so far away.

Coffee with Nate on the front porch Sunday morning before church.

Reuben, strolling around the house strumming the ukulele and singing. A top-of-the-steps front porch conversation with a summer shower playing in the background.

Helen and Carly laughing together as they saddle Little John and take turns riding him around the yard. When they are brushing him down afterward, it's funny to hear them both talking to Little John as well as to each other, a three-way conversation between two young beauties and a horse.

Ben and a friend pull out watercolor paints, paper, and brushes and sit down at the kitchen table to paint. Eventually, almost every person in the house joins the art session - a table full of young adults, dipping brushes, heads bowed, chatting.

A game of catch in the front yard. A handstand challenge. Sliding over to make room for one more person on the porch swing. Pulling out the long-neglected BB guns to shoot at paper cups. A juggling demonstration. Ridiculous puns and random lines from stupid movies.

So much sweetness to savor!

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emily said...

My weekend -- Dennis home early on Friday! Planting things in dirt. Lots of mosquito bites, well-earned. Grilling pizza and smoking on the back porch. Watching Dennis feed Geneva rice with chopsticks. Sunday morning class with the three sweetest,most art-and-book-loving one-year-old girls in Eastwood. A sermon that speaks convictingly and encouragingly to JUST the attitude i've been (not) dealing with. Sleeping till 6:30 Monday morning! Death Note, Sriracha popcorn, and tangy-sweet margaritas. A quick visit from the landlord turning into an hour-and-a-half chat outside in the sun. Life is good!