Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I am trying something new in the garden this year. Realizing that much of my muscle is leaving the nest, I thought it was time to simplify.

The garden this year is about half the size of last year's plot. And instead of tilling it all up before planting, we laid down a thick layer of newspaper, then several inches of mulch. To plant beans, we cleared a narrow trough in the mulch, cut through the newspaper, and dropped in the seeds. Tomatoes - I raked back the mulch, stabbed a hole in the paper, and set each seedling.

After several very rainy weeks, the garden looks fabulous. The squash, cucumbers, and eggplant are vigorous and covered with blossoms. It rained again yesterday evening, and the beans shot up their canes another several inches.

This time last year, after warm temperatures and so much rain, I would have already been waging a loosing battle against Bermuda grass. So far this year, it takes about 10 minutes to weed the entire garden.

I am digging this new style of gardening.

Yesterday, Ben moved furniture and prepped the walls in the boys' room so that today I could begin painting. The walls in the bunk bed alcove now have two fresh coats of a lovely paint that is two shades darker than before. When I finish this post, I'll head upstairs to paint woodwork. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the other end of the room. The new paint looks uh-may-zing - so fresh and bright and clean. Next week, the girls' room gets a fresh coat of paint - can't wait to finish one room so that I can start on the other.

Then, I want to wash the downstairs windows and the kitchen cabinets. And excavate my closet. And do a couple of sewing projects. And WRITE. And...

Have I mentioned yet how nice it is to be working on something other than school? I am loving summertime!

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