Monday, April 27, 2015


I have a spoon rest on my stove that was given to me many years ago by my sweet friend Linda. It was an inexpensive trinket from Dollar Tree, an I'm-thinking-of-you Christmas party favor. But I don't use it just at Christmas time. My favorite colors are red and green, so the "Christmas" spoon rest fits right in with my kitchen color scheme all year 'round.

I use the spoon rest every single day. And every time I use it, I think of Linda. I think of all the ways she has encouraged and blessed me over the years, and of how very grateful I am for the privilege of knowing her. I'm pretty sure Linda had no idea of the great value of her gift, when she handed out Dollar Tree spoon rests at that Christmas party many years ago:  the spoon rest is precious, not because it cost a lot of money, but because it reminds me every day of Linda and of God's goodness and faithfulness.

Beautiful things are beginning to bloom in the yard around the house. My very favorite plant is a Sweet-Breath-of-Spring that was given to me by my friend Donna. It has grown from a little 6-inch whip into a ginormous bush. I love this shrub because it blooms in the dead of winter, when everything else in the yard is dead a gray. Just when I'm thinking winter will never end, I walk outside and am bathed in the scent of honeysuckle. I love this bush because it reminds me, during the cold, dark days of winter, that spring is not far off - and I love it because it makes me think of Donna. Donna is kind of like the Sweet-Breath-of-Spring...she has a way of giving encouragement and hope when I am feeling particularly weary and discouraged.

Almost every plant in our yard is a "freebie" shared by someone special. The daylilies that Nate dug up out of a road-side gully when he was a small boy. The hydrangeas and blackberry lilies, also from Donna. The daffodils from Mom. The gladiolas - Helen's special project. Elmer (our lone maple tree) and the cedar Baby trees, hauled up from back on Granddaddy Kendall's farm.

The many irises around the house are from my sister Suzanne. These ruffly rose-colored irises are the first to bloom, but the yellow and blue and midnight purple irises are covered with buds that will be opening soon.

I love getting out to work in the yard this time of year - not only because it feels so good to be out in the sunshine and fresh air after the long winter months, but because I feel like I am surrounded by such a great company of friends.

Small gifts - a spoon rest, a couple of flower bulbs, a tiny switch cut from a bush.

Small gifts - big love - lasting value.

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Suzanne said...

I am thrilled to imagine you thinking of me and praying for me when you look at your irises blooming. I hope those beauties bloom through the whole summer. I'm thinking my next gift to you has to be evergreen. Love you lots!