Friday, July 24, 2015


My son is slowly rebuilding a 1973 Ford Ranchero...

Thomas's strategy is simple:  he finds one thing that does not work correctly, and he fixes or replaces that part. Then he figures out another thing that needs to be repaired or replaced and tackles that. One piece at a time, Tom is transforming his clunky, junky Ranchero into a serious piece of awesomeness.

The Ranchero may not be road worthy yet, but it IS running - and it is a beast.

I've never been one to get too excited by muscle cars or jacked up trucks. Vehicles simply do not turn my head. (Well, except for that one time there was a white 1954 Corvette convertible parked out in front of the Goodwill store. I definitely had to get a closer look at that sweet set of wheels - gorgeous!)

Like I was saying, I typically don't get too excited about a vehicle. But the Ranchero is different. For one thing, it's Tom's - and Tom's excitement about the Ranchero is contagious. For another thing, when Tom cranks that ginormous engine, you can hear it and feel it all the way over to Grammy's. There is a lot of power under that expanse of hood!

Yes, this vehicle definitely turns my head. And I most definitely want to go for a ride in the Ranchero as soon as it is a little more "passenger friendly"!

* * * * *

I sometimes feel like a clunky old rust-bucket. Like none of my parts work like they should and they need to be replaced.

Seems like so often these days, I find myself praying, "Lord, I need a new heart! Please, Lord, give me a new heart!" I find my heart is corroded with ingratitude and complaining and hurt and apathy and despair...

Some days, I feel like my heart is an irreparable piece of junk. Sigh.

But then I remember...

My heart is His. God loves me, and His love for me is contagious with God-sized hope and joy.

Christ redeems me. Is redeeming me. Is transforming my clunky junky heart into a serious piece of awesomeness.

How can I not be excited about that?!!!

* * * * *

Let's take this baby out for a drive...

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