Thursday, June 2, 2016


I am a homeschool mom, which means that for the first 16 or 17 years of their lives, I was my kids' primary teacher.

Seven kids. Kindergarten through twelfth grade = 13 grades each. Together, we have covered phonics, multiplication tables, the water cycle, calorimetry, American poets, cooking and sewing, and the geography of Subsaharan Africa.

And yet, for all that I have taught my children over the years, they have taught me far, far more.

My children have taught me...

  • To feel deeply
  • To value emotional and relational integrity
  • To desire truth even when truth scares me
  • To love with the ferocity of a lion
  • To find beauty in that which initially appears unlovely
  • To pant for grace
  • To cry without shame
  • To laugh without apologizing
  • To dance in the sunlight
  • To chase rainbows in the rain
  • To fall asleep with a thankful heart and to wake with praise on my lips

While I schooled my children, they schooled me.

I received the greater education.


Anonymous said...

Boy!!!!What a smart good looking bunch. Dad

Suzanne said...

Amen, Sister!

Grammysansocean said...

What a lucky and beautiful family! Well done Momma!