Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Today felt a little bit like Monday all over again. Blegh.

It is 6:00, and I still have over a dozen things on my ToDo list, things that take time and brain power, both of which I am lacking this late in the day. Blegh.

So, what's a tired, stressed, frustrated middle-aged woman supposed to do when the day goes sour? Is there any hope of turning things around this late in the day?


Lamb therapy.

The newest addition to Helen's menagerie is named Bertram. As in Bertram (Bertie) Wooster. Hugh Laurie, eat your heart out.

Bertram is cantankerous and stinky. He screams like a girl when you try to lead him with a halter. He can hop straight up, three feet off the ground. He has a very thick, hard skull that serves as his primary means of communication with humans. Bertram is also fuzzy and adorable.

So, Helen and I headed out to work with Bertram - one of the many, many things on my long, long list of things to do today. Helen practiced leading Bertram. Then, while Helen caught her breath (at this stage in the game, "leading" the lamb means "dragging" the lamb, which is exhausting work), I tried my hand at leading Bertram.

After leading/dragging practice, we gave Bertram a bath. Did you know that lambs, when they get wet, shake just like a dog? Do you have any idea how much water even a very short coat of lamb wool will hold?

I smell like a sheep.

And I feel much, much better.

I may not get everything on my ToDo list done today. Not may not, but probably won't.

Who am I kidding?

I will NOT get everything on my list checked off today.

But it's been a good day.

Thanks to Helen and Bertram and a little Lamb Therapy.

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Anonymous said...

Cute, I reckon!!!!And the lamb is not so bad either. Dad