Saturday, January 28, 2017


Going rogue: a term originally used to refer to elephants who became violent or who refused to obey their masters.

According to, going rogue is now "more likely to be used to indicate that someone is displaying some degree of independence or failing to follow an expected script."

As Christians, we are called to live our lives - all of our lives, every aspect of life - in submission to Jesus Christ and to God's will as revealed in his Word. To "go rogue" and live independently of the authority of Scripture is blasphemy.

If I make light of my sin - Gossip is no big deal. Sloth is no big deal. Pornography is no big deal. - then I am going rogue, and I am guilty of blasphemy.

If the established church, on an institutional level, makes light of sin - sweeps abuse under the rug, excuses power-hungry or controlling leadership, neglects the needs and concerns of its members - then it, too, is going rogue, and it is guilty of blasphemy.

But what if, as a serious Christian, I have been living according to a teaching or practice that is popularly accepted and generally promoted, but that is in fact contrary to Scripture? What do I do then?

If I continue in this error - to maintain the status quo, to protect my standing in the church, to protect the church's reputation in the community, to avoid conflict or discomfort - then, by giving greater allegiance to something other than Christ and choosing to willfully live contrary to Scripture, I am guilty of going rogue.

If I desist, then, in relation to an institution that promotes, popularizes and defends such error, I am going rogue: I am guilty of acting independently, instead of following the "expected script."

Damned if I do; damned if I don't. Not a comfortable place for someone who loves Christ, but who also fears man!


If I am, in some sense, going to be damned regardless of which path I take, if I am to be accused of going rogue one way or the other, I would rather be damned for the sake of Jesus and his gospel.

I admit: this scares me.

I bet a rogue elephant is frightened, too.


Grammysansocean said...

It sounds like you may have something important to say, and you are sneaking up to it?

Camille said...

:) Sneaking up on it because I'm a chicken...or a scared elephant...or something like that. When you have something to say, but you realize it is very probably going to be grossly misinterpreted and the response from others, even people you care about, will likely be negative/angry/fearful/unkind - blech!